Wealth Builder Program

With great opportunities come many responsibilities, we are well positioned to equip anyone through long distance collaboration by challenging ourselves to get the best of what we have. We have strategically put together the concepts that have worked in nations that Africa wants to emulate. But more importantly, we want you to take the path that many have chosen to forgo. The answer to poverty is wealth. It is the difference between those who work and earn and those who don’t.

The question “Why is Africa poor?” will continue to arise until the Africans change their approach towards poverty elimination. Evidence shows that it is not enough for the continent to have resources, its people need to be resourceful as well.

Using the available tools, we look forward to monetise the abundant resources of the continent. The emphasis is on utilizing the land and other natural resources. We seek strategic partnerships in technology and finance.

The growth in food security, housing, health services and employment opportunities should keep pace with the increasing African populace.

Dead Capital

OOD Africa enlightens the rural community and the African youth with the power of knowledge and learning. With that comes expertise in the following areas:

  • Breathing life into Dead Capital
  • The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid
  • Value representation of what we own so that it can be traded using Trusts and Contracts

This will create real value, and ensure that the legal tenders are validated and traded. We won’t doubt someone’s intensions if he/she owns land, goats or cattle. We won’t see child labour on the side of the road or kids staying out of school.


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