About Us

Object Oriented Development in Africa (OOD Africa)

Object Oriented Development in Africa (OOD Africa) is a market based solution for economic development and social change. Our focus is on training the developing communities on the application of social enterprise.

Free Enterprise, as an ideology, focuses on private ownership. Our research and existing global trends show that market economies fare well. Moreover, a lack of ownership due to the absence of property rights is what cripples developing countries. The free enterprise philosophy hinges on the individual; everything starts and ends with one what they can contribute to the whole.

It is a bi-dimensional concept

Market based Social Enterprise for Strategic Business Development

Free Enterprise for Accelerated Economic Development

OOD Africa is made up of two parts

OOD is Software Methodology for Solution Designing and Implementation

Market Economics is its Ideology Guide or Belief System

A sense of community drives the people of Africa. There is nothing wrong with that. That is the reason why communism and socialism seem so natural in Africa. But sharing seems like a threat when there is not enough food for the family itself.

As extended families become a burden, the African “Ubuntu" philosophy that connects people turns into an endangered idea. The OOD Africa model is not meant to dismantle Africa’s goodwill legacies but to ensure that we can end hunger and eliminate poverty through wealth building.