The book affirms the idea of OOD Africa as a development model. The concept as a whole tries to answer the question "Why is Africa poor?" while providing answers that continue to arise. If we do not change our approach towards poverty alleviation, the negative perceptions will continue to persist. Evidence shows that it is not enough for the continent to have resources, its people need to be resourceful as well.

If you want to do business in 21st century Africa and promote market based social enterprise, you are in the right place. The continent is growing in all areas and this growth comes with opportunities. We have positioned ourselves ahead of the curve to prepare Africa and its people in practical ways to help meet present challenges, those in the future as well as eliminating past blunders. To eliminate poverty and to bridge the economic divide in Africa, we believe nations should opt for free market policies and strong social services paid for by Africa herself.

While there has been very negative publicity regarding both the West and China’s role in Africa and regarding its resources, we cannot just sit back and watch. Our role is to prepare ourselves and ensure there is more than enough room for everyone to do business in Africa. But we the Africans should come to the fore to shape the fortunes of our lives.

We can no longer believe that proponents of Free Enterprise care less about the poor. OOD Africa Institute offers a suite of solutions to counter this very perception. We offer training and Wealth Builder Program tailored to the needs of the continent, especially its youth and rural communities.

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